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Community Outreach

Families Of Today For Tomorrow, a Non-Profit Charitable Organization was established in 2002 by Rev. Benjamin & Rev. Mrs. Ama Owusu with the heart to reach out to families, especially in the African-Canadian community where the families are faced with challenges that mostly separate parent and children especially the youth


  • Providing mentoring programs and showcasing positive role models for youth to emulate.
  • Workshops, seminars and counseling directed at revolving specific problems facing parents and youth;
  • Educating the public in general and families in particular with respect to Canadian laws and child welfare systems; creating a welcoming and non-threatening environment for broken homes to re-unite and rebuild.
  • Working with partners to addressing specific needs of youth by providing tutors for homework clubs, study and computer labs; workshops on topics such as job training, drugs, crime prevention, violence and substance abuse; •Encouraging love for educational and learning in the youth.

  1. Fitness and recreational activities to promote a healthy lifestyle. Weekly basketball activities for at risk youth
Rev. Benjamin & Rev. Ama have over these years opened their hearts to hundreds of at- risk-youth and troubled youth in the Jane-Finch, Jamestown and surrounding areas. Embracing them with love, that is missing in their lives. The youth in the community call them "Auntie and Uncle".
"I LOVE YOU" always follows up with opened arms of hugs to conclude Rev. Ama (Auntie) talk with a youth in trouble. Uncle and Auntie always assure the boys and girls of their love for them saying "Remember guys that we love you and please stay out of trouble, fights, drugs, violence, gangs etc. You are our future leaders (president, doctors, ministers etc.). We believe in you and God Bless you!"
Their approach to solving problems with the youth has been proven very successful in the past eight (8) years in that 95% of the youth that started the program eight years ago are still with the Organization, and a number of them have even become leaders and mentors to other youth in the community. We are also proud that despite the at-risk neighbourhoods they live in and other circumstances of challenge they face on a daily
basis, all our program participants have been able to avoid the temptations of drugs, gangs and guns to which so many of their neighbourhoods counterparts have increasingly been victims.
We have seen trouble youth come to the program and their lives changed within few weeks. The ONE-ON-ONE talk with each youth taken aside by "Auntie or Uncle" makes all the difference. Dropouts are back in school and doing well. There have never been incident involving any of the youth that are in this program within the last six years. We are grateful to God for that. Many families have benefited from the family breakfast forum and programs by finding answers to challenges. 

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